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12 Deerfly Patches TredNot Deer Fly Strips


Deerfly Patches are a non chemical, odorless protection from biting deerflies. They are a disposable 2 inch x 6 inch adhesive patch that, when placed on the back of the hat or cap, they trap the deerflies as they buzz around your head. Virtually every deerfly will land on the patch because they target it as a good biting place. Deerflies are sometimes called Marsh Flies, Sheep Flies, May flies, Sand Flies, or Greenheads. They all bite. Conventional repellents do not work well on them. Used by…

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My Brother in law competed in a Marathon through the Adirondack woods this past weekend. he came up with a clever solution for dealing with the horseflies in the woods.(r/WTF)

Deer flies for whatever reason LOVE ramming into the back of a person’s head. You can actually buy hat patches just for them. Deerfly are assholes and the bite hurts and annoys.

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