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  • Dragon VT 3-30 SVC 500

    Red Dragon VT 3-30 SVC 500,000 BTU Heavy Duty Propane Vapor Torch Kit With Squeeze Valve


    Flame Engineering Inc. Torch Kit with Squeeze Handle. Unwanted vegetation won’t be able to stand this heat! The fun way to remove weeds from your yard, sidewalk, driveway and more! Comes equipped with an squeeze handle for better control of the flame. No more lawn chemicals or waiting for results… this baby snuffs ’em out in a flash. You get a 500,000 BTU torch and all the accessories needed to safely connect to your propane tank. Great for ice removal on non-flammable surfaces in the winte…

  • Dragon VT 3-30 C 500

    Red Dragon VT 3-30 C 500,000 BTU Heavy Duty Propane Vapor Torch Kit


    Red dragon vapor torch kit, 500,000 btu, kit contains: vapor torch, 10′ hp10c lpg hose, UL listed, p3200w UL listed excess flow p.O.L. Fittings V334 adjusting needle valve & pipe thread compound, L2002 spark lighter, rugged, steel construction, lightweight, ideal for burning weeds & stumps, sterilizing cages, clearing irrigation ditches, heating, thawing, drying & other agriculture & industrial uses, CSA international certified. This product is manufactured in the USA. The product is highly d…

  • BodyGard 5-in-1 Multi-Function Emergency Tool with Key Ring

    Swiss+Tech BodyGard 5-in-1 Multi-Function Emergency Tool with Key Ring


    Life-Protecting Compact, Multi-Function Key Ring Tool features Automatic Glass Breaker, a Safety-Blade Seat Belt Cutter, Powerful Sonic Alarm, High Intensity Bright White LED Flashlight and a Flashing Red Distress Light for Signaling and High Visibility. The small, tough ABS nylon housing has a “Glow in the Dark” Panel for quick location. Lithium Batteries included to provide a Personal Safety Kit securely attached to an included Key Ring.

  • Opener - Electric Blister Pack & Clam Shell Package Opener

    ZipIt Opener – Electric Blister Pack & Clam Shell Package Opener


    The ZIPIT …the world’s only battery operated blister pack opener lets you easily open clamshells and blister packs for toys, consumer electronics, computer peripherals, cosmetic packages, office supplies and virtually anything packed in plastic clamshell packaging. This unique tool offers you a simple, safe way to open clamshell packaging with ease. “The ZIPIT” eliminates Wrap Rage! There are over 6000 reported emergency room incidents resulting from wrap rage. With “The ZIPIT” in your poss…

  • Dragon BP 2512 SVC 400

    Red Dragon BP 2512 SVC 400,000 BTU Weed Dragon Backpack Propane Vapor Torch Kit with Squeeze Valve


    ‘ Backpack Torch Kit, Series Red Dragon, Ignitor Manual, Fuel Gas, Length 40 In., Flame Type Adjustable, Propane Btus per Hour 400, 000, Application Perfect for Spot Weeding or Instances Where a Full Flame is Not Continuously Required., Includes 5 Ft. Gas Hose, Safety P.O.L. Fitting, Adjustable Needle Valve, Spark Lighter, Pipe Thread Compound, BackPack Frame, 10 lb. Fuel Cylinder, Squeeze Valve w/Adjustable Pilot and Handle Kit ‘