Folding Knives

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  •éo 34G Superlight Locking Knife w/ Pocket Clip

    Baladéo 34G Superlight Locking Knife w/ Pocket Clip


    A well balanced knife holds well in your hand, is crafted from the finest materials. This Laguiole pocket knife adheres to the finest standards of quality and a tradition of master worksmanship. The unique Damascus blade and fragrant juniper wood makes each knife one of a kind. Knives have been used by Outdoor Enthusiasts for centuries. Baladeo designers develop new items and rethink traditional ones by focusing on functionality (weight, size, handling, comfort, grip) and aesthetics, withou…

  • Army Toothpick Replacement

    Swiss Army Toothpick Replacement


    SMALL Victorinox Toothpick for 58mm (Classic size) and 74mm (Ambassador/Executive). Will NOT FIT Wenger knives