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  • Cube

    Boob Cube


    The Boob Cube is the logic puzzle for the rest of us. Like other famous logic puzzles, it can take on a preposterously large number of permutations: 4. This is a number like 87 and 103, but not exactly. The Boob Cube will keep you wondering for a long time. Perfect gift for anyone who is very smart– your boss, your spouse, and your “favorite” teachers. Great for puzzle lovers, puzzle haters, puzzle debaters. You will win every white elephant gift exchange forever. Comes with solution manual….

  • Squiggle Wiggle Writer

    Hart Squiggle Wiggle Writer, Multicolor


    The Squiggle Wiggle Writer is a battery operated vibrating pen that allows the creative writer to turn straight lines into a series of loops, circles, or curves, depending on how closely it is held to the writing surface. It gives the user tactile stimulation and encourages appropriate grasp. Includes four different color refills. Uses a single AA battery, not included. Colors may vary.