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  •  Gold-Bears Gummi Candy

    Haribo Gold-Bears Gummi Candy, 5-Pound Bag


    Haribo Gummy Gold Bears Candy is soft, chewy and translucent. And they are bursting with beary yummy flavor. There is nothing quite as whimsically delicious as gummy bears, a candy popular the world over for its sprightly personality and fruity taste. Squeeze them, line them up and make them dance, or just plain eat them. Haribo Gold-Bears are a mixed delight of white/pineapple, green/strawberry, yellow/lemon, orange/orange, and red/raspberry gummy bears.




    Imagine being stranded in the most extreme environments on earth for seven days – completely alone with virtually no supplies. How could you possibly survive? With no support crew and operating the camera himself, survival expert Les Stroud tackles that question as he tests himself in the toughest types of wilderness, ranging from the desert to the Arctic. Among his adventures, he battles life-or-death situations – the aftermath of a winter plane crash, abandoned in the mountains, lost at sea…