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  • upvoted.top:Tenga Deep Throat Cup

    Tenga Deep Throat Cup, Standard


    The “deep throat” cup of the tenga masturbation cup series lets you experience a deep sucking sensation… special valves create a virtual vacuum inside the cup; to deliver an amazing sucking sensation. the top air vent can be left open or closed; with fingertip; depending on your suction perferences. the unique pinched-in shape of the cup helps to achieve an unparalleled tightness. these advanced features combine with an arousing “slurping” sound and vibration give you the feeling that you’re …

  • upvoted.top:SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus 2GB Card

    SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus 2GB Card


    SanDisk Ultra II memory cards feature faster performance, greater storage capacities, and better dependability, so you can get the most from your investment in a feature-rich, high-quality digital camera or camcorder